The Great Mutliano

Me: Can I ask you a question, Nell? Only you are looking a bit strange.

Nell: Ask me anything you like, my dear.

Me: If you were talking Swedish right now I would be worried.

Nell: I would hate you to be worried, my sweet.

Me: No, seriously Nell, stop being so odd. Your eyes are far away and you’re being nice to me.

Nell: Everyone should be nice to you.

Me: This is dreadful. I’m getting Charlie.

Nell: He is with The Great Mutliano. I wouldn’t bother him if I were you. Sally is visiting and they have lots to discuss.

Me: The Great Mutliano? Who is he? You aren’t making sense.

Nell: You are right. Of course. You always are. Silly me. Sorry.

Me: No, I’m not. Stop being so nice. And you never say sorry.

Nell: Well, I am sorry now. The Great Mutliano told me to be kinder to you.

Me: Look, Mutley is here now. Why is he clicking his paws and murmuring?

Nell: I would love to chat but I’m feeling a little tired. So sorry.

Me: What is going on, Nell? Wake up!

Nell: Stop shouting. Good grief. I’m right next to you. Honestly, I despair of you sometimes.

Me: You’re back. You were hypnotised.

Nell: I was not. I haven’t been anywhere near Sven Gully and I’ve been wearing a hat outside.

Me: No. It was Mutley. You called him The Great Mutliano.

Nell: Did I? Mutley was a hypnotist back in the day, of course, but he hasn’t practised in years. I was talking to him about it just now when I fell asleep.

Me: Well, he’s still got the gift. You were actually nice to me. You even said you were sorry. Several times. It was terrifying.

Nell: What exactly do you mean by that?

Me: Nothing. Sorry.

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