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Nell: I’m not sure David’s appointment as Roofing Liaison Officer was the correct decision.

Me: He seems to be taking the job very seriously, though.

Nell: He is certainly taking the distribution and sharing of bacon sandwiches seriously.

Me: He is such a sociable boy.

Nell: He is a greedy boy.

Me: He may have eaten a few too many sandwiches by mistake.

Nell: He spilt brown sauce on his sequinned vest. The Cat has taken it to be cleaned.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Gladys has already been reprimanded for incorrect footwear.

Me: She hates those boots.

Nell: Who wears stilettos on a building site?

Me: She needs them for the Argentine tango.

Nell: And why does Mutley have to be her partner? He is wearing a moustache and a dinner jacket.

Me: I think he wants to impress Myfanwy.

Nell: But Gladys is having to lead and that up and down rubbing the leg movement makes them look like they have fleas.

Me: It’s part of the dance.

Nell: One of the roofers nearly fell off the scaffolding.

Me: It’s not every day you see a Patterdale and a Pomeranian doing an Argentine tango.

Nell: We definitely don’t need a Welsh corgi choir. They aren’t even vaguely Argentinian and they keep knitting in between songs. There is wool everywhere.

Me: I think it was Myfanwy’s idea, to be fair.

Nell: The only good thing is, it is making Charlie laugh.

Me: That is a very good thing.

Nell: Anyway, would you kindly ask the Roofing Liaison Officer to return my handbag?

Me: That’s an awfully unusual object for a roofer to take. Are you sure you aren’t mistaken?

Nell: It’s not a roofer, it’s David. Do keep up.

Me: Oh yes, I forgot.

Nell: Please tell me the Whippets Institute didn’t just arrive in their minibus?

Me: I’m afraid they did. Sorry.

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