Happy Easter

Me: Happy Easter to family and friends near and far.

Nell: Yes. Happy Easter from us all.

Me: Harriet certainly seems very happy.

Nell: Yes. Jim the Farm Dog brought us all some fresh eggs so Poppy is making pancakes for breakfast.

Me: Harriet’s favourite.

Nell: Yes. David says he’s Canadian this morning in honour of Chris so he would like crispy bacon and Maple syrup on his.

Me: Did it work?

Nell: Of course. Poppy finds him irresistible. You didn’t happen to see a stray corgi, did you?

Me: No. Why?

Nell: The Welsh corgi choir are singing at the Easter parade and Myfanwy’s gone missing again.

Me: I saw a mini bus arrive at the Big House just now.

Nell: That will be the Whippets Institute. The Cat is doing their costumes. They are going to have to wait, however, as The Cat never surfaces until after 10am and then only for a black coffee and a Madeleine.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: I’ll see if Malcolm can take them over some tea and toast. Those girls are so skinny they need feeding if you ask me.

Me: I think they are just naturally slim. Lucky things.

Nell: Once breakfast is over I want everyone assembled in costume ready to go. Just follow the Beagle brass band and the cheerleading Chow Chows.

Me: I never thought of a Chow Chow as a cheerleader. They always seem a bit grumpy.

Nell: They are lion dogs. They take their cheerleading very seriously.

Me: Will Gladys be dancing?

Nell: Of course, she and David are on the posters. Go and get yourself a pancake before they all go. You will need your strength for the Morris Dancing later.

Me: What Morris Dancing?

Nell: You will be fine. Just copy Malcolm and don’t forget your bells.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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