Getting into Character

Me: Poppy stuck her tongue out at me. She was in the meadow gossiping with Harriet and she just stuck her tongue out when I took a photo.

Nell: Don’t worry. She is getting into character.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: She is playing the Easter Terrier in the Parade on Sunday.

Me: I hope she isn’t going to be fierce all weekend.

Nell: It’s possible. Easter is a busy time and she has been baking all morning.

Me: Probably Hot Cross Buns.

Nell: Very funny.

Me: Now, this is going to sound a little odd but did I hear Dave speaking Spanish on his iBone?

Nell: He was probably talking to Antonio.

Me: Banderas?

Nell: Bless you. I’m talking about Antonio the Podenco Canario. He sells ice cream down at the quay.

Me: Why would Dave be talking Spanish?

Nell: Antonio is Spanish. Do keep up.

Me: I never knew Dave spoke Spanish.

Nell: It’s all part of his training as an international spy.

Me: You’ll be telling me Gladys speaks Portuguese next.

Nell: No. She has basic Italian but no Portuguese.

Me: Is Gladys a spy too?

Nell: Certainly not. I’m declaring Easter weekend a spy free zone. No intriguing.

Me: It’s not me, Nell. It’s almost everyone else.

Nell: Now, The Cat has made you a very special hat.

Me: I’m not wearing sequins.

Nell: It’s an all encasing pansy hat.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: You will look dreadful in it but you will wear it with pride.

Me: I will?

Nell: It’s the thought that counts.

Me: It’s easy for you to say.

Nell: Remember. ‘Don’t look a gift cat in the eyes.’

Me: Don’t you mean ‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’?

Nell: Certainly not. Why are you bringing horses into this? Just be thankful and wear the hat.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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