It’s Changing the Beds Day

Me: Look what I found in the kitchen.

Nell: Saturday is Changing the Beds Day so it must have been too much for them.

Me: It’s not their job to strip the beds.

Nell: I know but David finds it very exciting. I think we will run the sheets through twice, though.

Me: Good idea. How is Charlie?

Nell: Tired, but willing to stay a few days. I am going to sit him down in front of the fire with the papers and a pot of coffee.

Me: Just what he needs.

Nell: Yes, it is one of those rainy days where you simply need to give in and relax.

Me: Like Poppy and Dave?

Nell: I prefer an armchair, or sofa but Egyptian cotton has its attractions.

Me: Do you know why The Cat is wearing a moustache?

Nell: It’s going through a Freddie Mercury phase. It went to see Bohemian Rhapsody with David and Gladys.

Me: So that’s why Gladys is learning the Fandango.

Nell: Probably. One never knows with Gladys. Malcolm received another present from his admirer, by the way.

Me: Really. What was it?

Nell: A box of ping pong balls.

Me: How very strange.

Nell: I don’t think a Mallard would send that.

Me: Not unless it was a keen table tennis player.

Nell: Don’t be silly. Have you ever seen a Mallard play table tennis? Mallards are all about water polo. Everyone knows that. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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