Poppy’s Palace

Nell: Where is Poppy?

Me: In her palace.

Nell: She doesn’t have a palace.

Me: Yes, she does. At the top of a mountain with a drawbridge to keep out wild beasts.

Nell: I am presuming by wild beasts you mean David and possibly Gladys and the palace is her bed on the chair with a footstool in front of it.

Me: Stop being so literal. Do you know why she is there?

Nell: She injured her hip at karate class and Alex the vet says no walks for a week. I told her to be careful of those high kicks but she wouldn’t listen.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: So it’s all paws on deck in the kitchen as she will need help. Fortunately Malcolm is extremely energised at the moment.

Me: Love can do that for you. Where is Charlie?

Nell: In a meeting with Sally. Some crisis. I think he is looking tired. He almost fell asleep during dinner.

Me: Sally is glowing as usual. She and Dave make a lovely couple.

Nell: Yes. I was looking at Harriet and Jim the Farm Dog and thinking that the young ones are nicely settled.

Me: Yes. It is lovely to see. Maybe you can persuade Charlie to stay on for a while. He could do with some sea air and Poppy’s cooking not to mention spending time with you.

Nell: Yes. You are right.

Me: I just want you to be happy, Nell.

Nell: I know.

Me: Maybe we should imprison Charlie in a palace and pull up the drawbridge so he can never leave.

Nell: There you go again. And you were doing so well.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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