See you again soon

Nell: I thought you would like this photo.

Me: Yes, I do. A happy memory from my birthday.

Nell: Yes. We saw seals.

Me: We did.

Nell: I shall be accompanying Kev to the station to collect you.

Me: I am glad.

Nell: Malcolm has been invited to Susan’s for dinner, by the way. The Cat wants to make him a sequinned cloak.

Me: Don’t you think that might be a bit much?

Nell: Yes, I do. David has one, of course, and has offered to lend it to Malcolm but The Cat says red isn’t his colour.

Me: David can carry it off but Malcolm is not a sequinny kind of flamingo.

Nell: Count Bingo agrees. He was visiting Gladys and told The Cat it was out of the question.

Me: Good for him.

Nell: So Malcolm will wear his yellow sou’wester and cape.

Me: Wellington boots?

Nell: Of course. He can take his soft shoes with him.

Me: Yes. No boots in the house.

Nell: Exactly. Now, remember to get yourself a sandwich. They run out of them so quickly on the train and you don’t want a sugar low.

Me: No, I don’t.

Nell: Kev and I were thinking a hot chocolate by the sea might be just what you need when you get here.

Me: Yes, it just might.

Nell: Chin up. It’s see you again soon not goodbye.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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