Me: You and Jonathan really bonded this visit.

Nell: Yes. He is an admirable young chap and will make an excellent big brother.

Me: I think so too.

Nell: Now, I know I usually come to the station to wave you off but it isn’t possible this time. There is too much luggage.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: You are perfectly capable. Now, I need you to play the short, ageing woman card when you change trains at Reading as you will need help with the cases.

Me: Short, ageing woman? I’m only 60.

Nell: Stop grumbling. Just get someone to help and don’t start trying to lift the cases yourself.

Me: Okay.

Nell: Poppy has made sandwiches and cakes in case there is a problem with the buffet. Malcolm has popped in a few macarons and Susan collected some shells from the beach.

Me: That’s kind of her.

Nell: Kev has sourced a selection of reading material.

Me: Do you mean magazines?

Nell: Yes. I would suggest “Good Housekeeping”. Always worth a read. We have also recorded a “See you again soon” video for Jonathan and Alice to watch at their leisure featuring songs from David, stories from Mutley and a poem by Harriet.

Me: What a lovely idea.

Nell: You will be pleased to hear that Gladys was able to perform despite yesterday’s ketchup incident.

Me: That is a relief.

Nell: Do try and find a forward facing seat. You know how confused you get when things start moving away.

Me: Yes.

Nell: As I tell the puppies: Look forward and smile. There are so many exciting times ahead.

Me: True.

Nell: And remember when you look back, a beautiful memory will be waiting for you, because we have made more than enough for everyone.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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