You are 60 today

Nell: In honour of your birthday I have written a poem entitled “You are 60 today.”

Me: Thank you very much for putting my age in the title.

Nell: It had to be done. Are you ready to listen?

Me: Always.

Nell: ” You are 60 today

Which is old, but that’s fine.

You’ve been dreading this day

For quite a long time.

They say 60 is 50 but we know that’s not true

And it’s usually said by those younger than you.

But think of the wonderful times you have had.

Some blissfully happy,

Some terribly sad.

You wouldn’t be you without them, you see,

So embrace being 60 and listen to me.

The world you’ve created,

With my help it’s true,

Is a magical one

And we share it with you.

So Happy Birthday dear Sara,

Though you’re round and quite small

We wouldn’t change you

And you’re loved by us all.”

Me: Well, I’m in tears now.

Nell: Of course you are. Now get that sequinned hat and cloak on as the party is about to begin.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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