Thank you

Me: What an amazing birthday.

Nell: Yes. Jonathan and his papa Andre were telling everyone about the seals at Hope Cove during evening cuddles.

Me: I know and then later a flypast by the Royal Owl Force.

Nell: They were on their way to Plymouth to check on the Beefies but if you choose to see it as a flypast that’s fine with me. You were wearing a sequinned hat and drinking champagne by then anyway.

Me: And all those birthday wishes. So many. Thank you to everyone they really meant a lot to me. I was overwhelmed.

Nell: Yes, people were very kind. My poem was mentioned frequently.

Me: You should consider writing more.

Nell: Excuse me? One writer in the family is quite enough. Where would we all be if I had my head in a bubble?

Me: Wasn’t Timothy a surprise yesterday? Tap dancing with Dave.

Nell: That flamingo has certainly come out of his shell. He’s gone surfing this morning with David. Ridiculous idea. I’m not sure he is a good influence.

Me: I think it’s wonderful. We should all dance and surf more. It’s my new motto.

Nell: I’m not having the surfing discussion with you again. It was bad enough watching you dancing on the table to “New York. New York” with Count Bingo and Gladys last night and as for your duet with Mutley.

Me: “I Got You Babe” is a classic.

Nell: What about Mutley’s long black wig and your moustache?

Me: We were Sonny and Cher. Do keep up.

Nell: You see. Turning 60 has gone to your head. You need a cup of Earl Grey and a lie down.

Me: Actually, I am a bit tired.

Nell: Yes, and the festivities are continuing right through the weekend. Go and snuggle up on the sofa in front of the fire. Jonathan will be joining you for a story and Poppy has made some fresh scones.

Me: I might do just that.

Nell: We are having a quiet day today before Chris and Shannon arrive tomorrow. A possible trip to the Garden Centre for lunch with Alice, a walk on the beach and a quiet dinner with us all later. David has suggested charades by the fire this evening if you are up to it.

Me: Perfect. Thank you for looking after me, Nell.

Nell: It’s what I do best. Now, Harriet will bring the birthday cards for you to look at again while you wait for Jonathan. Just relax. This is your special time. I’ll get the tea. No dancing on the tables while I’m gone.

Me: No. Sorry.

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