David wants to join the crew

Me: Look at Dave and Tony the Postman. They are so sweet together.

Nell: Yes. Although The Cat is a little annoyed.

Me: Jealousy?

Nell: Not entirely. David was in the middle of a fitting for a winter waistcoat when he heard Tony’s van arrive.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: So he just leapt up and rushed out to greet him. There were sequins everywhere.

Me: I’m not sure sequins belong on a winter waistcoat.

Nell: We are talking about The Cat here. Gladys has sequins on her bathing cap.

Me: I didn’t know she wore one.

Nell: It’s a ridiculous thing but The Cat says it makes her look more streamlined when she’s wearing her wetsuit.

Me: Was The Cat very angry with Dave?

Nell: You know David. No one can ever be angry with him for long.

Me: I know. When he gives you that sad little look you just can’t stay cross.

Nell: Ah yes. David is the master of the “I’m awfully sorry I don’t know how it happened” look.

Me: He is.

Nell: Harriet has more of a wide eyed innocent “Who me?” look.

Me: Yes.

Nell: By the way David wants to audition for Tony’s sea shanty crew.

Me: The “Old Gaffers”?

Nell: Don’t be so rude.

Me: No. That’s their name. They perform all over the place. They even have a Facebook page.

Nell: Anyway, David seems to think he would fit in perfectly. I hope Tony lets him down gently.

Me: You never know, Nell.

Nell: Firstly David is not even remotely old, secondly he is a Labrador.

Me: He could be their salty sea dog.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: I can see him now in navy blue with a little sequinned hat on his head singing his heart out. People would love it.

Nell: Just stop. You are getting carried away again.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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