Harriet is back on her beach

Me: What a beautiful day.

Nell: Yes. Harriet was so happy to be back on the beach again.

Me: Her back leg seems fine but we will know more later when we see Tom the vet.

Nell: It has certainly lifted her spirits. She was dancing round the kitchen with Malcolm just now.

Me: I think Malcolm might have a bit of a thing for Harriet.

Nell: Why?

Me: He blushes when he sees her.

Nell: Malcolm is a flamingo. He blushes when he sees anyone. He is one big blush.

Me: Oh yes.

Nell: Harriet has a number of admirers. AJ, the gardening Afghan, wrote her a poem.

Me: Did he?

Nell: It wasn’t very good. She showed it to me.

Me: What did it say?

Nell: ” Oh Harriet, my lovely, with your conker brown coat.

You sing like an angel

You spring like a goat.”

Me: She is very light-footed.

Nell: I haven’t finished.

“You smell like a rose,

You buzz like a bee.

Oh conker brown Harriet,

I wish you loved me.”

Me: Sweet. Unrequited love.

Nell: Yes. On second thoughts you might be right about Malcolm. We need to find him a nice lady bird.

Me: A ladybird wouldn’t be right for him, Nell. They are far too small and they bite.

Nell: No. A female bird. Preferably a flamingo. I might get Gladys to ask Count Bingo. She is seeing him later.

Me: For dinner?

Nell: No, they are going surfing. He’s a natural, apparently.

Me: I still think I might give it a go.

Nell: Stop right now. Some of us are simply not meant to surf. Let’s embrace our individuality.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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