All is forgiven

Me: I’m so glad you’ve forgiven them.

Nell: Yes. I was never going to be angry for long.

Me: Look at their adorable little faces.

Nell: I don’t think anyone could call David little.

Me: He’ll always be my little Best Boy.

Nell: Jonathan might not agree.

Me: You know what I mean.

Nell: So Tom the vet says Harriet is doing well?

Me: Yes. The good news is her leg is mending but the bad news is no proper walks for at least a week maybe two.

Nell: Yes. We are going to have to think of something. Harriet lives for her walks.

Me: Kev will take her on a short walk every day.

Nell: I’ve talked to Jim the Farm Dog and he will pay regular visits. Now that she has her iBone back she can also text him on WoofsApp.

Me: Good.

Nell: Malcolm will teach her how to play chess. He and Timothy enjoy a game and it will keep her distracted.

Me: That’s an idea.

Nell: David has offered not to go on walks either which doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Me: He needs his exercise but it is still sweet of him.

Nell: I think David’s friend AJ the gardening Afghan is the answer. He teaches yoga and some gentle moves and meditation might be just the thing. I meditate every day, of course.

Me: You do?

Nell: Yes. Poppy and I spent a few months at a retreat in Goa one year. Do keep up. It will be good for us all.

Me: I can’t see Gladys meditating.

Nell: Gladys needs to realise there is more to life than contemporary dance and living in my handbag.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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