Harriet is scolded

Me: Goodness me. What is going on?

Nell: I have had to reprimand Harriet severely.

Me: Surely not.

Nell: Yes. You won’t believe what she has been doing and David was complicit too.

Me: Oh dear. Stealing food?

Nell: No. Much worse. You know Harriet is on strict bed rest to allow her leg to heal?

Me: Yes. She is doing so much better.

Nell: Well, she won’t be if this goes on.

Me: Why?

Nell: She has been going to the top of the garden to flirt with Jim the Farm Dog over the fence.

Me: They are romantically involved, Nell.

Nell: I know he is her dog friend. That’s not the point. She was at the top of the garden. She ran up all those steps.

Me: I see. How was Dave involved?

Nell: He masterminded it all. He asked to go out and then propped the door open with Gladys in my handbag. He guided Harriet up the steps and stood guard while Gladys agreed to give a warning bark if someone was coming.

Me: I wondered why your handbag was at the back door. How do you know all this?

Nell: I fell over the wretched handbag. Gladys squealed and the next moment I saw Harriet running back down followed by her brother. When challenged Harriet remained silent but David confessed all.

Me: Don’t stay angry, Nell.

Nell: She is going to see Tom the vet this afternoon and we shall see what he says.

Me: I’m sure she is ever so sorry.

Nell: Thats the worst bit. She isn’t sorry. She is defiant and so is David. They said I have no right to stand in the way of true love and I am driving them mad with my rules and restrictions.

Me: Typical teenagers. Rebelling against authority.

Nell: That’s as maybe, but all privileges have been withdrawn until further notice. Gladys has been banned to the kitchen. No visits from The Cat. I’ve taken away their iBones and no watching television. They can read a book.

Me: But they’ll miss “Neighbours” Nell, and you know how much they love it.

Nell: No arguments. They can watch it on Catch Up tomorrow. Don’t you dare give in to them. I know what you are like. It’s for their own good.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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