A Fishmonger

Nell: Sebastian is a fishmonger?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Called Sid?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Sid the Fish?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Mutley met him at Billingsgate fish market in London?

Me: Yes. He supplies all the restaurants and pubs. Apparently he looks quite different without his apron and white hat.

Nell: Why the pretence?

Me: He needed inside information so the Beefies could blackmail Jago and get the cafe. He posed as Sebastian, managed to join the Salcombe Set and befriended you.

Nell: The bounder. I feel such a fool. You all knew he wasn’t trustworthy. Why didn’t I listen? I’m normally such a good judge of character.

Me: Well, apart from Richard Price who turned out to be a Russian spy.

Nell: Thank you for reminding me.

Me: I’m so sad that Sebastian broke your heart, Nell.

Nell: Broke my heart? Certainly not. My heart was never his to break. It belongs to someone else entirely.

Me: Charlie?

Nell: I’m not likely to tell you, am I? You definitely can’t keep a secret. Now, where’s that surprise tea? I am in need of one of Poppy’s scones.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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