It’s a strange world

Me: Nell, have you got a moment?

Nell: I am enjoying the scenery.

Me: No, you aren’t.

Nell: If you must know I am keeping an eye on a very suspicious Border Terrier in a flat cap.

Me: Where?

Nell: Stop looking.

Me: Ok.

Nell: It’s the downside of being a celebrity I suppose.

Me: What is?

Nell: Stalking. David was mobbed by whippets when he went into Plymouth. He and The Cat went to pick up a few items from Pribark.

Me: How annoying.

Nell: They loved it. David gave an impromptu performance with a passing chihuahua. I wouldn’t be surprised if isn’t already on the internet.

Me: Gosh. We live in a strange world of friends who we’ve never met, don’t we?

Nell: We do.

Me: People share their ups and downs and even what they have for breakfast.

Nell: Yes, I quite enjoy talking to you about life over a pot of Earl Grey and some toast and marmalade.

Me: I mean on the internet.

Nell: I don’t do that.

Me: Yes, you do. We share our conversations every day.

Nell: We do?

Me: You know we do. People love you.

Nell: That’s extremely gratifying. Please pass on my thanks.

Me: You already have.

Nell: Don’t be silly. Anyway, on another note, what do you feel about camping?

Me: I’m not a fan.

Nell: Jim seems to think it would be just the ticket. A few days of quiet in the countryside.

Me: I can’t see you in a tent. You enjoy your home comforts too much.

Nell: You’ll enjoy it when you are there.

Me: What? Why am I included in camping but not the Royal Wedding, or Wimbledon?

Nell: “Yours is not to reason why. Yours is just to nod and sigh.”

Me: Yes, sorry.

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