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Me: Harriet seems exhausted.

Nell: Yes, preparing for the auditions has tired her out. I’ll have to wake her soon.

Me: Where are they taking place?

Nell: Torquay, so just under an hour away.

Me: How are they getting there?

Nell: James is driving. Poppy will pack a picnic. Just chicken sandwiches, crusts off as a treat, and a few scones. I thought about carrots to keep David busy while he is waiting, but he crunches them so loudly.

Me: Are you going too?

Nell: Yes, I think they need my support. Jim the farm dog has asked if he can accompany Harriet.

Me: How sweet.

Nell: Yes, He is very protective of her. The Cat is coming too, of course.

Me: Are Poppy and Mutley going?

Nell: Mutley has a meeting in London with some forward thinking Boston Terriers. He’s opening a new chain called MuttDonalds. I’m not sure if it will catch on, but everyone likes a burger, don’t they?

Me: And Poppy?

Nell: Poppy is taking the Puerto Ricans on her motorbike. Rita will ride in the sidecar with their luggage.

Me: Not in your handbag?

Nell: Certainly not. I put a stop to that nonsense when I found a half eaten scone at the bottom.

Me: That’s not very nice.

Nell: Quite. Imagine not finishing one of Poppy’s scones? Outrageous.

Me: Well, let me know how it all goes. I do hope Dave gets the part of Bernardo.

Nell: I’m confident that he will. He’s got the dance moves and the swagger. I’m not sure about the sequinned waistcoat but The Cat seems confident.

Me: But Bernardo is mean and Dave could never be mean.

Nell: Didn’t you see him when that farm dog stole his sausage at the last barbecue? Now, let’s wake Harriet.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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