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It’s too hot

Me: It’s too hot to do anything, Nell.

Nell: Yes, the puppies are resting in the shade.

Me: Those pina coladas last night were a bit strong.

Nell: I told Mutley he should have kept an eye on Rocky and the rum. Those Puerto Ricans can party.

Me: Mutley doesn’t look Puerto Rican.

Nell: Of course he doesn’t. Rocky’s mother Rosaria is from there. Mutley is from London. You know that. His uncle Bob met Rosaria in San Juan when he was playing in a jazz club.

Me: What about Rita?

Nell: Goodness only knows. Harriet finds her exhausting.

Me: Where is she?

Nell: She’s gone shopping in my handbag with The Cat. It’s a blessed relief, to be honest. If I have to hear her sing “America” again I might scream.

Me: When are the auditions?

Nell: Tomorrow, thank goodness, so they will hopefully be going home soon. Although, the Mallorca Rita made me for breakfast was delicious. Poppy is getting the recipe.

Me: I thought Mallorca was an island.

Nell: It’s also a Puerto Rican pastry. David ate three.

Me: Are they going back to Puerto Rico?

Nell: No, they live in Torquay. Rocky runs a nightclub called R & R. Rocky and Rita’s.

Me: I didn’t know that.

Nell: Well, if you stopped gallivanting all over the country you would.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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