Doug the hairdresser

Me: Well, I have to say everyone was really lovely at the hairdressers.

Nell: Yes, Doug runs a tight ship. I always enjoy my visits there. A large selection of excellent teas including Earl Grey and Good Housekeeping to read.

Me: And they look after your hair too.

Nell: Yes. It’s a shame the sandal search wasn’t quite as straightforward.

Me: Yes, there was nothing in my size but when I told them it was Dave again they arranged to send me a new pair today with free delivery.

Nell: Well, you are one of their best customers.

Me: I’m glad Kev and I decided to stay home and celebrate with you all. The steak was delicious. Poppy excelled herself.

Nell: We were honoured to share the evening with you. David’s waiting skills left much to be desired, however.

Me: He looked ever so sweet in his long apron.

Nell: Yes, but I told him waiters don’t wear hats. Especially with a feather. I mean he’s not Robin Hood.

Me: I presume The Cat made him the sequinned waistcoat.

Nell: Of course. Do you know he was about to try the food before serving? Thank goodness Harriet noticed, or you might not have had any dinner. She is excellent at front of house.

Me: Mutley sang beautifully.

Nell: Yes, we had the piano tuned. Did I tell you he is recording an album with our Canadian friend Michael Bubbly.

Me: Don’t you mean Michael Buble?

Nell: No, Michael Bubbly the Labrador Husky with the deep voice. Dog Stewart eat your heart out.

Me: Anyway, it was all wonderful, especially your poem. Please read it again.

Nell: “Love is one of Poppy’s scones and a cup of Earl Grey tea. Love is a cuddle in front of the fire after a walk by the sea. Love is what makes the world go round. It might sound trite but it’s true. Love is family, near or far and Love is me and you.”

Me: Perfect.

Nell: Thank you now no more tears. You have lots to do.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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