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A letter for Dave

Nell: Tony’s here. He’s got a letter for David.

Me: Oh no! It’s the Black Bowl.

Nell: Would you please calm down?

Me: Dave is going to have to go on the run.

Nell: Firstly, David is not a pirate, or a traitor. Secondly, as far as I know from Poppy, the Black Bowl is always handed over personally from one pirate to another and Tony is not a pirate either.

Me: He sings sea shanties.

Nell: Enough. It’s probably just David’s latest bank statement.

Me: Barklays?

Nell: No. We prefer Lloyd’s Bark. Bring me the letter.

Me: Dave says it’s from Beagle Bones.

Nell: Now, this is interesting. It’s a map. A really old one.

Me: Why would Bones send it to Dave?

Nell: This is a very special map. Very special, indeed. I’m calling a family meeting and make sure Alice and Jonathan attend. We need as many involved as we can.

Me: I’m quite good at map reading.

Nell: I would prefer you to listen. I’m afraid less is more in your case. We don’t need you confusing the issue with your over active imagination.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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