Girl Power

Nell: Mission accomplished. Not a Beefy in sight.

Me: You are so impressive. You could be the new James Bond, or Ethan Hunt.

Nell: I have no wish to be either of them, although the idea of N in one of the Bond films does appeal.

Me: What did Mutley say?

Nell: He and the Bulldog Boys have decided the Beefies got cold feet. They are positively crowing, if one may use such a word.

Me: Why didn’t you tell them?

Nell: I don’t think there is any need. We girls had everything under control.

Me: Forget Charlie, we are Nell’s Angels.

Nell: Just stop. Have you seen David’s waistcoat?

Me: It’s very sparkly.

Nell: It’s completely covered in sequins. He and The Cat had a marvellous time. He thinks he scared the Beefies away, of course.

Me: How? With his waistcoat?

Nell: Probably. He was boasting away to Harriet and she just smiled and gave him an egg sandwich. He loves them.

Me: I wonder what’s next.

Nell: Nothing, I hope. It’s Wimbledon and I need to choose my outfit.

Me: Are you going?

Nell: Of course I am. Didn’t you hear me talking to Meghan earlier?

Me: I didn’t realise it was her.

Nell: Yes, she was checking I was available. Kate might join us.

Me: Front row seats then?

Nell: Don’t be silly. Royal box.

Me: Of course, sorry.

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