The Bulldog Boys

Nell: Well, this is all very intriguing.

Me: What is?

Nell: Mutley and the Bulldog Boys just paid a visit to Dominic Simmons in town.

Me: And?

Nell: They took a closer look at his business and it confirmed their suspicions. The jewellery he tried to sell us yesterday was fake.

Me: Gosh! Does The Cat know?

Nell: Mutley doesn’t think so. Apparently Dominic Simmons promised The Cat a few trinkets in return for introductions and it had no idea.

Me: It does like shiny things.

Nell: All fur coat and no manners. Anyway, it turns out that Dominic Simmons is being blackmailed.

Me: Goodness me. Who is blackmailing him?

Nell: A gang of criminals called The Beefies based in Plymouth. They are using him as a front for their fakes. The Firm knew stuff was coming up to London from the South West and that’s why the Bulldog Boys came down here.

Me: Which firm?

Nell: Honestly, The Firm. You know Mutley is the Dogfather.

Me: I never knew Mutley was Italian.

Nell: Of course Mutley isn’t Italian.

Me: Should we tell the police?

Nell: Certainly not. This is something Mutley and the Bulldog Boys are going to deal with.

Me: There isn’t going to be a drive past shooting is there?

Nell: Good grief. They are just going down to Plymouth tomorrow for a face to face meeting with the gang leader.

Me: I wish they wouldn’t.

Nell: And they are thinking of taking David with them.

Me: No, they can’t.

Nell: David will stay in the car and sound the horn if someone comes.

Me: It’s Baby Driver all over again. High speed car chases, people getting shot, lots of cool music on David’s headphones while he drives at top speed through the angry streets.

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous. David isn’t driving. I knew you shouldn’t have watched that film. Mutley will make sure David is safe.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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