Cheer up Dave

Me: What’s wrong with Dave?

Nell: He wanted to help the men lay the carpet and they said not right now as he was getting in the way.

Me: He is easily crushed.

Nell: They all think he is adorable and said he can share their lunch again, He is just over reacting as usual. Of course they can’t let him use a stanley knife. I don’t know what he was thinking. Anyway, Harriet is comforting him and he always bounces back.

Me: Poppy got me a cappuccino from Starbarks. It was actually quite nice.

Nell: She wanted me to go with her. I declined. She said it was awfully busy and there is definitely more than one Doberman involved. They were all wearing long aprons and being very efficient.

Me: Maybe it’s a family business.

Nell: Probably. They rarely work alone. Richard Price thinks we should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Me: He is probably right.

Nell: Apparently a Doberman approached him at the pub about joining our beach committee. Well, that’s not happening.

Me: You might be surprised.

Nell: Dobermans have a dark side. Charlie has warned me.

Me: Oh Nell. You have got to let him go.

Nell: I’m popping into Barks and Spencer later. Do you need anything?

Me: You are changing the subject.

Nell: Poppy is hosting a World Cup opening party this evening and has given me a long list. Mutley will be singing Nessun Dorma, of course.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: Harriet has asked if that young farm dog can join us. I’m not sure. He has awfully floppy hair. It needs cutting.

Me: He seems very smitten with her.

Nell: She could do so much better. Ed agrees.

Me: Who is Ed?

Nell: Everyone knows Ed. One doesn’t like to say ginger nowadays but the red headed boy who likes to sing.

Me: Ed Sheeran?

Nell: Yes, that’s the one. He’s a big fan of Harriet’s. He wanted to come this evening but I told him Mutley has the singing covered and maybe another time.

Me: You turned him down?

Nell: Don’t fuss. He was fine about it. I promised to send photos. I’ve invited Richard Price, by the way.

Me: Good. Richard Price wouldn’t break your heart.

Nell: Richard Price is just a friend. Stop interfering.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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