The new cafe

Me: You weren’t very nice to Emily and she gave you a treat.

Nell: Having your ears examined and that awful Kennel Cough vaccine is not my idea of fun.

Me: You didn’t have to hide from her though. Did David know you were going to the vets, by the way?

Nell: Yes, I told him it was just routine but he wouldn’t believe me.

Me: I wondered why he was so upset.

Nell: I had lunch with the girls in town and David was convinced I’d been poisoned by a Doberman.

Me: Why would he think that?

Nell: The farm dogs told him a Doberman was selling coffee on the Quay. Apparently it’s taken over that old cafe and renamed it Starbarks. Silly name. It will never catch on.

Me: Was it selling pies?

Nell: Not as far as I know. I think it’s mainly hot drinks with the odd muffin and sandwich. Food and drink for people on the go. You know the kind of thing.

Me: Sounds good. At least we know why the Doberman was here. It all makes sense now.

Nell: Does it?

Me: Yes. It tried a pie to see what the competition is like and it smiled at Poppy because it was practising customer service.

Nell: And the sailing?

Me: Everyone needs time off.

Nell: You might actually be right. Maybe I just imagined it was following me.

Me: Shall we try a Starbarks coffee? I’m interested to see what it’s like.

Nell: Certainly not. I’m not drinking out of a paper cup.

Me: But we could drink it by the sea and let the wind blow through our hair.

Nell: Poldark is back on television isn’t it?

Me: Yes.

Nell: I’m going to have to listen to you rambling on about Ross and Demelza for weeks now aren’t I?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: Sorry.

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