Fun and football

Me: Look at you and Harriet smiling and playing on the beach.

Nell: It was lovely to have Harriet by my side again. David misbehaved as usual. Running off to play football in the car park.

Me: Yes. That was naughty of Dave.

Nell: Honestly if I have to hear anymore about football I will scream. Mutley and Poppy are just as bad.

Me: Why is Poppy wearing a whistle?

Nell: She’s coaching David. They are out there playing with the farm dogs right now.

Me: Those scallywags?

Nell: Exactly. They foul at the first opportunity. Charlie laughed when I told him.

Me: Are you talking to Charlie?

Nell: Anyway, you know the sensible dog from the next village?

Me: Which one?

Nell: Tall with curly hair. He lives in the pub but he’s not a drinker. Richard Price.

Me: I don’t know Richard Price.

Nell: Never mind. At yesterday’s campaign meeting he mentioned plastic and keeping our beaches clean.

Me: Yes. Have you seen the awful damage it can do?

Nell: Exactly. So I thought we could link this to our campaign.

Me: Good idea.

Nell: I am running it past No Good Boyo from the Welsh contingency later.

Me: You can’t call someone No Good Boyo.

Nell: That’s his name. He’s one of those feisty Border Terriers who get things done.

Me: It’s not a proper name.

Nell: May I just mention Kisses the chihuahua?

Me: True.

Nell: So, if No Good Boyo and the Welsh are on board we could extend it nationwide. Dogs and owners pick up poo and plastic keeping our beaches clean. We already have bags so one more won’t matter.

Me: Well, you don’t, to be fair. We owners do.

Nell: And this only happens on dog friendly beaches of course, because we are not allowed on the others.

Me: It’s an idea. What are they shouting about?

Nell: They are bringing Mutley on. He’s their secret weapon.

Me: I didn’t know he played.

Nell: Mutley played for England. It’s a while ago now but he still has the skill. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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