Nell: Charlie just sent me this photo.

Me: Where is he? That doesn’t look like London.

Nell: It isn’t. He’s staying with friends on Exmoor. Apparently he deeply regrets everything and is missing me terribly.

Me: Do you believe him?

Nell: I would be wrong if I didn’t admit we had a connection but how can I ever trust him?

Me: You can’t.

Nell: Oprah said the same thing.

Me: Are you still in touch with Oprah?

Nell: Yes, we hit it off at the wedding. She gives sound advice.

Me: He stole a piece of your heart though, didn’t he?

Nell: He did. He is a lovable rogue, but a rogue just the same.

Me: Do you think you will see him again?

Nell: Who knows. Did David tell you his latest idea?

Me: No.

Nell: He is going to be a professional footballer. It’s because of the World Cup, of course. When Wimbledon starts he will be out there with his tennis racquet.

Me: Does he have a tennis racquet?

Nell: Of course he does. He and Harriet are junior members of the club. Do keep up.

Me: I used to play.

Nell: So did I, but golf is more my cup of tea nowadays.

Me: Really?

Nell: Yes. Poppy is an excellent squash player, of course. She moves round that court at high speed but do you know on a good day Mutley can beat her?

Me: Never.

Nell: Yes. It’s the technique. Quite amazing. Anyway, I can’t stand around chatting to you. I have the acupuncturist at 11 and lunch with the girls.

Me: Good. I’m so glad you are putting all this behind you.

Nell: I am doing my best.

Me: People change, things go wrong but just remember life goes on.

Nell: Just get my handbag Pollyanna and don’t say another word.

Me: Sorry.

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