The Apology

Me: Thank goodness the tiara and necklace have gone.

Nell: Yes. James collected them this morning. David has written an apology to Her Majesty.

Me: Good.

Nell: I’m not sure Dear Queen was the right way to start the letter and ending it with Hugs from Dave was a little informal but I thought it should be in his own words.

Me: I agree. Did Poppy write one too?

Nell: No. She put in a few flapjacks.

Me: So what’s coming up next?

Nell: It’s the Chelsea Flower Show, of course. Thank goodness I’m not one of the judges this year.

Me: Are you still going?

Nell: Monty Don says it won’t be the same without me but I’m not sure.

Me: Is it because of Harriet’s operation on Thursday?

Nell: Exactly, and although it’s routine I feel I need to be there for her. I’ve been through it myself.

Me: Are you sure we shouldn’t tell her?

Nell: Best not to bother her until tomorrow. She will only worry.

Me: Did you tell Dave?

Nell: Actually, I did.

Me: That’s why he is looking so sad.

Nell: Yes. He is going to try dreadfully hard to be good and to share any treats. He is also going to be gentle and soft pawed and not bouncy.

Me: Do you think he can do it?

Nell: I know he will try. He is not a young puppy anymore.

Me: He is only 11 months, Nell.

Nell: He is nearly a year. We need to trust him. It is the only way he will learn.

Me: I suppose so.

Nell: But, just in case, Harriet will sleep in your room after the operation.

Me: Good idea.

Nell: We are off to the beach later. The one we can use. I need to be seen, or my supporters will think I’ve forgotten them. Can you bring your camera?

Me: To capture the memories?

Nell: No, I need photos for my column in Barking Weekly. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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