Home again

Me: Look at Harriet.

Nell: Yes. She’s in the garden in her favourite place just enjoying being home.

Me: It’s lovely to have you all back. The house has been so quiet.

Nell: It’s been an exciting few days but now we need to relax.

Me: I hope all this excitement hasn’t gone to the their heads.

Nell: David is convinced he should become an actor. He spent way too much time with the Suits people. I told him to talk to Tom Hardy. He is a little intense but grounded and understands dogs.

Me: Those actresses were incredibly glamorous weren’t they?

Nell: Meghan outshone them all. We did enjoy our tiaras.

Me: Has Mutley recovered?

Nell: He is dreadfully tired. I think the European tour is a bad idea. A studio album will do the trick.

Me: Poppy is baking again.

Nell: She promised to send Harry and Meghan some of her flapjacks and a few scones.

Me: They will like that.

Nell: I don’t believe it. Look at that animal!

Me: What?

Nell: David just walked past wearing my tiara.

Me: It was only on loan wasn’t it?

Nell: Of course. I’ll have to call the palace and explain.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: I bet he is Snapchatting right now with James Corden. They were as thick as thieves at the wedding.

Me: It suits him in a strange way. Oh no!

Nell: Just tell me Poppy isn’t wearing the necklace over her apron.

Me: She is. Sorry.

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