The next day

Nell: Have you seen the Daily Growl?

Me: No.

Nell: Jeremy just brought me the papers and there’s a photo of me at the wedding on the front page claiming Idris was giving me the eye.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: It’s put me off my toast and marmalade.

Me: Anyway, how did it go?

Nell: The service went well, apart from a few hiccups. Mutley got lost and ended up next to the Duke of Edinburgh at the front of the chapel. Fortunately we found him in time.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: Poppy decided to join in the fanfare from her seat and nearly gave Victoria Beckham a heart attack.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: David offered his hat to Prince Edward thinking he was an usher and Harriet had hysterics because a horse ate her circlet. But otherwise we were fine.

Me: Did the reception go well?

Nell: Excellent bowl food, my suggestion, so easy to eat and a lovely lemon and elderflower sponge. None of that dangerous fruit cake.

Me: It’s only dangerous to dogs.

Nell: Exactly. Fortunately Sir Elton didn’t mind David joining in at the end of his song. Just youthful exuberance as I said to the Clooneys. Didn’t Amal look lovely? I’m not sure we needed Harriet’s dancing but once she starts she is difficult to stop. I blame that Mumford. Or was it his son?

Me: What about the evening?

Nell: The evening was private.

Me: I know but it’s me you are talking to.

Nell: Meghan was perfect. Harry can’t keep his eyes off her. Just as it should be.

Me: What about you? Did you dance?

Nell: I may have done.

Me: Who with?

Nell: Never you mind. I need to check suitcases as James is collecting us in an hour.

Me: Tell me.

Nell: Enough. Get off the phone. I’ve packing to do and David has stolen my handbag.

Me: Ok. Sorry.

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