The Morning of the Wedding

Nell: This has to be a quick call. I’m not supposed to have a phone.

Me: Yes. Thank you for the photo. You look amazing and so sparkly.

Nell: Too over the top? Her Majesty insisted I borrow them. They are quite heavy to be honest.

Me: Where are the others?

Nell: Following on in a second carriage. David got his hat stuck in the door.

Me: Oh no!

Nell: Poppy can hardly move in that suit of armour so they lifted her in. Thank goodness for Harriet. She wanted to come with me but I thought it best if she travelled with the others.

Me: And Mutley?

Nell: Mutley got egg all down the front of his dinner jacket. I told him to change after he had eaten his breakfast but he wouldn’t listen.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: There I was in my tiara sponging the egg off his jacket when the carriage arrived.

Me: So you had to leave them?

Nell: Yes. The Duke couldn’t be left waiting. I shall be glad when we arrive. There is only so much waving one can do.

Me: It all looks wonderful. So many flags. So many happy faces.

Nell: The weather is marvellous here. Poppy is going to be dreadfully hot in her armour.

Me: Did you get the chance to talk to Meghan?

Nell: Yes, she is in safe hands with the Prince of Wales walking her down the aisle. David is on stand by. We will probably have to mend his hat again but I have gaffer tape in my handbag.

Me: So where will you be?

Nell: I’ve promised Harry to keep an eye on Meghan. I will be around. We are nearly there now so my phone has to go back in my handbag.

Me: If you can call me later, please do. I will be looking out for you. Are you doing any more interviews?

Nell: I had to turn down the BBC today unfortunately as I am needed at the chapel but we recorded an in depth interview yesterday. David and Harriet were a huge hit with the Press on their walkabout and Poppy has been offered her own talk show in the United States.

Me: And Mutley?

Nell: He couldn’t hear the questions but people seem to love him. He will be singing later, of course.

Me: During the ceremony?

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous. At the evening reception. It’s worrying enough that Poppy is playing the fanfare.

Me: She is?

Nell: Enough talk. I’ve arrived and Idris Elba is waving at me. Chat later.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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