On the Beach again

Nell: There is nothing like a cooling swim on a hot day. Most enjoyable.

Me: I agree. The feel of the pebbles between your toes and the gentle kiss of the sea on your skin.

Nell: Good grief. Have you been on one of your writing workshops again?

Me: No.

Nell: Well, it’s a very poetic description for a quick paddle.

Me: I didn’t know Poppy could swim, by the way.

Nell: I don’t think Poppy knew either. Harriet was ever so worried.

Me: She is such a water rat isn’t she?

Nell: I know Poppy looks a little raggedy when she gets wet but rat is a bit harsh.

Me: I was talking about Harriet. She adores the water.

Nell: Yes, I was thinking of asking Toby next door if she could join him lifeguarding this summer.

Me: I’m not sure she has the strength even though she is an excellent swimmer. What about Dave?

Nell: Excuse me?

Me: Dave is handsome enough to be a lifeguard. I can just see him running along the beach in his lifeguard gear and leaping into the waves to rescue someone in distress.

Nell: I’ll be in distress if you carry on like this. How exactly will he rescue them?

Me: They just climb on his back and he swims to the beach and safety.

Nell: He is more likely to swim out to sea with them if he sees a seagull. Anyway, enough of that. Poppy and I are going to talk to Harriet about her operation tomorrow. Mutley is on standby for gentle reassurance and David for cuddles.

Me: Good.

Nell: If she talks to you please give sensible answers. I certainly don’t want to hear My poor little puppy. I know what you are like.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Everyone is fasting from 8pm so no late dinner, or sneaky snacks in front of the television. Don’t think I don’t notice.

Me: Understood.

Nell: Have you seen my phone? Only Noel promised to call and talk it through with Harriet. We discussed it at the wedding and he said he was happy to answer any questions she might have.

Me: Do you mean Supervet Noel?

Nell: Of course, I do. I’m not going to discuss spaying with a random stranger. Honestly.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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