Off to Windsor

Nell: Thank Heavens for Boo Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Me: Don’t you mean Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall?

Nell: No. Who is he?

Me: A famous chef.

Nell: I don’t think Boo Fearnley-Whittingstall is a chef but he might be able to cook. Is Hugh a labrador?

Me: No.

Nell: Well, Boo is one of the Berkshire Fearnley-Whittingstall labradors and has offered me a suite of rooms at Barkington Towers near Windsor Castle. He is a friend of Samuel of Oxbury’s. There is plenty of room so the puppies can come with me to the wedding.

Me: Who is Samuel of Oxbury?

Nell: My brother-in-law. David and Harriet’s father. Do keep up.

Me: What about Poppy and Mutley?

Nell: There is room for them, too.

Me: How kind.

Nell: Yes. David will share with Mutley and Poppy with Harriet. I need my own room, of course. I am hoping Meghan and her mother will visit and we need privacy.

Me: Of course. That colour is lovely on you, by the way.

Nell: Yes, it’s flattering to the fur and can be used as a shawl in case of inclement weather.

Me: Very practical.

Me: When do you leave?

Nell: The chauffeur is collecting us fairly soon as there is a wedding rehearsal later. David still thinks he is walking Meghan down the aisle. He is bringing his hat.

Me: Bless him.

Nell: We will need to take a picnic as it’s quite a long journey and the puppies will be hungry. Could you make some sandwiches? A selection of ham, cheese and smoked salmon will do. No cucumber. I think Poppy made some scones but no jam, or cream. We don’t want to get it on the Bentley.

Me: Of course. Are you all packed?

Nell: Yes. A suitcase each but Poppy’s is rather large.

Me: Are you worried she has packed her sword?

Nell: Worse. She wants to take her trumpet. She seems to think Harry would enjoy a fanfare.

Me: There will definitely be a fanfare so she could join in, I suppose.

Nell: Are you insane? You will be suggesting Mutley sings Love and Marriage next.

Me: What a lovely idea.

Nell: Good grief. Now where is my mobile charger?

Me: Over there. You will be wanting to keep in touch with the royal couple, I suppose.

Nell: Yes, but mainly I want to keep in touch with you. Silly. Did David just walk past with my handbag? I will wallop that animal.

Me: I will miss you.

Nell: Don’t be soppy. It’s only a few days. Now go and make the sandwiches and can you do me a flask of Earl Grey, please?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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