Campaign update

Me: I do love a sandy nose.

Nell: I needed to get down to the beach. Part of my research. Getting among my supporters and listening to their concerns. Obviously it was the other beach as my beach is out of bounds.

Me: Yes. How’s the campaign going?

Nell: Harriet has organised a team of experts to sit on the advisory committee.

Me: I could do that.

Nell: No, you couldn’t. They are all senior dogs with solid backgrounds. You wouldn’t do at all.

Me: Oh. Perhaps not.

Nell: David is working on publicity and doing surprisingly well.

Me: He is?

Nell: Oh yes. Field and Fur published a particularly helpful article calling for nationwide support.

Me: Are you extending the campaign to the rest of the UK then?

Nell: Yes. Coastal, Rural, or Municipal. We dogs need to unite. After all everyone likes a walk on the beach, don’t they?

Me: I wonder if the horses feel the same way.

Nell: What are you talking about?

Me: You always see them on television galloping across the sands. Are they banned too?

Nell: Have you been watching re-runs of Poldark again? Don’t you think I have enough to deal with, without dragging horses into it?

Me: The signs don’t say no horses on the beach though, do they? Just dogs.

Nell: You worry me sometimes. You really do.

Me: Just saying.

Nell: Well, don’t. Horses? Good grief. Somebody get me a cup of Earl Grey and a ginger nut biscuit, please.

Me: Sorry.

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