Trilby hats are for terriers

Me: Our beautiful Harriet.

Nell: Yes. She is a lovely young labrador and a great credit to me.

Me: Like Dave.

Nell: Not entirely like David.

Me: You are too harsh on him.

Nell: It’s for his own good.

Me: Where is he?

Nell: He is writing his first press release.

Me: That’s wonderful. So are you giving him the job of Press Secretary?

Nell: It’s on a trial basis. He has to prove himself first.

Me: I wondered why he was wearing that hat.

Nell: Yes, with a Press card in the hatband. Honestly, whatever next?

Me: It’s sweet.

Nell: And it’s just a Trilby.

Me: That’s ok, isn’t it?

Nell: No. It should be a silk-brimmed black felt Homburg. Labradors are all about class. Trilby hats are for terriers.

Me: Well, I think he looks adorable.

Nell: I blame Mutley of course. I know that hat was his choice.

Me: Is there a deadline?

Nell: Of course there is. The Daily Growl needs it by 2pm and Barking Weekly by close of play today. Harriet is dealing with the Canine Chronicle but if we want it in this weekend’s edition we will have to move fast.

Me: All hands on deck then.

Nell: You mean All Paws Poised.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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