Wooden flooring

Me: Why are you sitting out there?

Nell: I need some peace and quiet.

Me: Don’t we all.

Nell: You never think things through.

Me: What have I done now?

Nell: Not only does pulling up the stair carpet deprive me of access to the upper part of the house.

Me: Just walk up there like everyone else.

Nell: I don’t do floorboards. They are hard on the paws.

Me: That’s silly.

Nell: But when anyone does walk up there it sounds as if they are wearing hobnailed boots in David’s case, or tap dancing in Mutley’s.

Me: It is loud.

Nell: Very.

Me: It’s not for long. We are getting new carpets upstairs.

Nell: And downstairs? Did I hear wooden flooring?

Me: It’s going to look wonderful.

Nell: I give up. Just issue us all with wooden clogs right now.

Me: It will be fine.

Nell: I shall be spending my time upstairs. When I can get upstairs, of course.

Me: Would a rug help?

Nell: David eats rugs.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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