Nell: I blame you.

Me: You always blame me so nothing new there.

Nell: Do you know what I just found?

Me: I know you are going to tell me.

Nell: Harriet’s boot.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: At the top of the stairs. Abandoned.

Me: Not good.

Nell: The cheeky animal was running around bootless playing with David.

Me: How did she get it off?

Nell: I cornered them in the living room and she says David had nothing to do with it.

Me: He looks innocent. Actually they both do. Look at their little faces.

Nell: You see! This is what I mean. You are useless. You know perfectly well that the boot did not fall off accidentally.

Me: It’s good she is running around though, isn’t it? Her appetite has come back too.

Nell: Yes. She is certainly a much happier girl today.

Me: And it’s not bleeding?

Nell: No. But you know it means another trip to the vets. Here is their number.

Me: Oh dear. I was just pleased she felt better.

Nell: Exactly. You never think things through.

Me: Sorry.

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