Me: Nell, come and look at them sleeping.

Nell: No, thank you.

Me: But just look at those dear little faces.

Nell: No.

Me: They are adorable.

Nell: That wasn’t what you were saying a few minutes ago.

Me: I know.

Nell: It was more like “You puppies are driving me mad!”

Me: Well, they were but I still love them.

Nell: They need to learn to listen and you just spoil them.

Me: They are only 8 weeks old, Nell. You are very harsh with them.

Nell: They chewed my tail.

Me: Yes, that was naughty.

Nell: They tried to bounce me.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Several times.

Me: I know.

Nell: I checked on them earlier by the way.

Me: You did?

Nell: They are family.

Me: And you love them.

Nell: I’ve told you before. Quit while you’re ahead.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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