Let me sleep

Me: Nell, are you awake?

Nell: No. Let me sleep.

Me: They don’t mean to annoy.

Nell: Our day started at 4am.

Me: I know it did. You went back to bed. 

Nell: Who eats Weetabix at 4am?

Me: They are babies, Nell.

Nell: Monsters.

Me: They are just excited, Nell.

Nell: The small one has a very loud voice.

Me: Harriet does have a lot to say.

Nell: Early mornings are quiet times. That boy is very bouncy.

Me: Dave can be a little boisterous. He looks so much like you, Nell.

Nell: He is handsome.

Me: They are both adorable, aren’t they.

Nell: They are my relatives.

Me: They love you.

Nell: But not at 4am.

Me: It was a bit early for me too you know.

Nell: Who decided to bring them home?

Me: Kev and I did.

Nell: Two puppies.

Me: Yes.

Nell: I warned you.

Me: You did.

Nell: You need to warm the milk for their Weetabix. They are very young.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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