Can Sara be Trusted?

Me: Why have you and Dave got such serious faces?

Nell: You’re looking at houses again, aren’t you?

Me: Kev and I are seeing one today and one tomorrow.

Nell: We should be going with you.

Me: You can’t turn up to a house viewing with three large dogs.

Nell: It’s one large dog and two medium sized dogs.

Me: It’s actually one giant dog and two large ones.

Nell: Potato potahto.

Me: You always say that when I’m right.

Nell: Take Henry and Horst in your hat. They can report back.

Me: I’m not wearing a hat.

Nell: It’s cold and rainy. A hat must be worn.

Me: I wouldn’t wear it inside anyway.

Nell: Wear an Alice band then.

Me: I’ve never worn an Alice band in my life.

Nell: I suppose Owl Pacino could sit on your shoulder.

Me: If you think I’m walking around a house with an owl on my shoulder you’re much mistaken.

Nell: I could lend you my handbag but Gladys isn’t to be trusted. She might leap out and start performing an interpretive dance.

Me: I’m not taking any animals, birds or insects. I’m perfectly capable of reporting back myself.

Nell: Are you really?

Me: What does that mean?

Nell: Somebody ate Kev’s ice cream while he was out at karate class yesterday evening.

Me: Did they?

Nell: And it wasn’t David.

Me: How do you know?

Nell: It wasn’t any of us dogs.

Me: Why are you so sure?

Nell: It was Belgian chocolate ice cream and even David knows not to eat chocolate.

Me: Okay, I confess. It was me.

Nell: Ha! I knew it.

Me: The urge came upon me and I couldn’t resist it.

Nell: You were prepared to let an innocent animal take the blame.

Me: Sorry.

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