Harriet is Waiting

Nell: Harriet is waiting for you by the window.

Me: Sweet girl. It’s not long now before I’m home.

Nell: I’ve told her you won’t be back until tomorrow but she says she wants to stay by the window just in case.

Me: Bless her little cotton socks.

Nell: How’s the writing going?

Me: I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

Nell: Good.

Me: They’re all such interesting and talented people and they love words like I do.

Nell: Met any more dogs?

Me: Only one, but I need to tell you something about Miss Penny Lane.

Nell: The homeless chicken?

Me: The thing is, Nell, she isn’t actually a chicken. She’s a seagull.

Nell: Excuse me?

Me: A really good seagull. Not a Beefy.

Nell: How do you know?

Me: Erica and Meg told me in their letter. Penny and her family were chased up north by the evil Beefies.

Nell: Are you trying to tell me we’re taking in a whole family of seagulls?

Me: No. Just Penny, and she’s willing to work for her keep.

Nell: Doing what? Throwing mackerel?

Me: She’s an excellent photographer. I’m sure she will be a great asset.

Nell: Our Penguin is in charge of filming here.

Me: I know, but maybe Penny could help with promoting Indiana Bones and Raiders of the Lost Bark?

Nell: Maybe.

Me: I told the other writers about the animation series, by the way, and they’re crossing their fingers that it goes well.

Nell: It will. Trust me.

Me: It could change our lives, Nell.

Nell: I was only just saying to David that he’s going to be in great demand after the release of the film.

Me: Perhaps Penny could take some publicity shots of him?

Nell: Stop selling the seagull. It can come and stay.

Me: Sorry.

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