You’re Going to Have to Talk to David

Nell: You’re going to have to talk to David.

Me: I know he’s not allowed to stand on the table but I don’t care.

Nell: He thinks Poppy’s coming home. Every time he hears anything he rushes to the window.

Me: This is heartbreaking

Nell: I’ve tried to explain she isn’t coming back but he’s not listening.

Me: Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He’s such an optimistic dog. Maybe Harriet is the one to explain it all. She’s so good with him.

Nell: I’m good with him.

Me: You’re his aunt.

Nell: I completely understand how hard it is to accept that Poppy has gone. I’m struggling too.

Me: Yes. Kev and I still look for her everywhere and the house is so quiet.

Nell: If I couldn’t talk to her every day I’d be quite beside myself.

Me: You talk to her?

Nell: Of course I do. And she answers.

Me: How is she?

Nell: Extremely busy. Guardians have a lot of responsibilities.

Me: I can imagine.

Nell: Anyway, back to David. Maybe Harriet can talk to David on our walk.

Me: About that. You’re going to the vets today for your injection and to see Chloe for hydrotherapy and massage.

Nell: I know.

Me: Kev usually takes you but he’s dreading going to the vets after last week.

Nell: I understand.

Me: So we’re all taking you and while you’re in there he and I will take the puppies for a walk.

Nell: Without me?

Me: You’ll be inside exercising with Chloe.

Nell: Have I got this right? While I am being forced to walk through water in a small box you will all be enjoying a lovely walk?

Me: You get a lovely massage later and you usually float anyway.

Nell: Am I correct?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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