Jonathan is Seven

Me: I can’t believe Jonathan is seven today. Where did the time go?

Nell: I’ve written him a poem. Would you like to hear it?

Me: Very much.

Nell: Then I will begin.

‘Good morning, dear friend,

Have you something to say?’

‘Yes. Jonathan Sky is seven today.’

‘Seven today? How can that be?

The last time I saw him

I’m sure he was three.’

‘Don’t be so silly.

Fayely is four.

So Jonathan has to be

Very much more.’

‘Oh yes, you’re right.

So what’s to be done?

We must have some cake.

And a party and fun.’

‘The party’s arranged

And it’s all about trains

Because Ticket to Ride

Is Johnny’s favourite game.’

‘Did you just say Johnny?’

‘Yes, that’s what he’s called

By Fayely, and Mummy and Papa

And all.’

‘Do Granny and Grandpa say Johnny too?

And Harriet and Dave and Poppy

And you?’

‘I say what I like

As you well know

But in this case

I shall go with the flow.’

‘We need to wear orange.

Where is your hat?’

‘I’m not sure I have one.’

‘Go and ask The Cat.

It always has hats

In its dressing up box

And sequins and glitter

And colourful socks.’

‘I don’t think it matters

What we actually wear

It’s all about love

And showing we care.’

‘Well, my present to Johnny

On the day he turns seven

Is the love we are sending

From his family in Devon.’

‘It’s not just in Devon.

Johnny’s loved far and wide.

He couldn’t be loved more.

Believe me, we’ve tried.

So Happy Birthday to you

Our magical boy.

Have a wonderful day

Full of happiness and joy.’

Me: That’s perfect, Nell. He’s going to love it.

Nell: Almost as much as we love him?

Me: No. That’s impossible. Sorry.

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