David is Not Amused

Me: Dave’s looking awfully serious this morning. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. Do you think it’s because it’s Monday?

Nell: Why?

Me: That’s what I’m asking you.

Nell: I meant what’s wrong with Monday?

Me: Nobody likes Mondays. Especially when it’s grey and rainy.

Nell: I don’t mind Mondays at all. New day, new beginning.

Me: Good attitude.

Nell: Thank you. Anyway, it has nothing to do with the day of the week. David is Mayor of Kingsbridge and has heavy responsibilities.

Me: Such as?

Nell: Looking after the townsfolk.

Me: Townsfolk?

Nell: Stop repeating everything I say.

Me: I noticed Dave was keeping an eye on the stuffed tiger.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: He knows it’s feeling bereft now that Bumper has returned to the US.

Nell: It doesn’t have feelings. It’s a toy.

Me: That’s what you think. Look at its poor little face.

Nell: Do stop.

Me: Is Dave worried about me?

Nell: Should he be?

Me: No, but I’m one of the townsfolk. Maybe it’s Tony?

Nell: It’s nobody in particular. David just wants everyone to be happy.

Me: Bless him. That’s never going to happen. There’s always a Grumbly Guts somewhere.

Nell: Grumbly Guts? What’s indigestion got to do with it?

Me: I mean bad tempered. Someone’s always going to complain. You can never please everyone.

Nell: Well, David wants to try.

Me: I still think he looks annoyed.

Nell: It might be Lionel, I suppose.

Me: Lionel King?

Nell: He’s suggested filming Raiders of the Lost Bark on the main beach. The island would look wonderful in the background and Snoopy and Lucy agree.

Me: What’s wrong with that?

Nell: Dogs aren’t allowed on the main beach until October.

Me: So Dave can’t film there?

Nell: No. But lions can.

Me: I see. Sorry.

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