Crabbing in Dartmouth and Sara sees a Mouse

Nell: Have you seen David? Gladys and the llamas need him to practise Kev’s birthday dance.

Me: I didn’t know there was a birthday dance.

Nell: Of course. Tomorrow at ten in the field. Line dancing at ten followed by bacon sandwiches at eleven. Do keep up.

Me: Right. Dave’s with Jonathan chatting about crabbing and how he didn’t even catch one.

Nell: You mean the trip to Dartmouth I didn’t go on.

Me: You were at your massage and hydrotherapy with Chloe. You couldn’t have gone.

Nell: It would have been nice to be asked.

Me: Chloe told Kev you fell asleep during your massage.

Nell: It’s been a busy time recently.

Me: It certainly has.

Nell: And it’s going to get busier with Kev’s birthday tomorrow and Chris arriving on Friday.

Me: I know. It’s all very exciting.

Nell: Tomorrow is also the last day of the competition.

Me: Yes.

Nell: So, are we going to discuss what happened last night? I know you have a vivid imagination but that was ridiculous.

Me: I was very tired. I’d done a lot of driving.

Nell: Yes. You went to bed early and then called down to Kev a few hours later to come upstairs quickly because there was a mouse eating an apple on the landing.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Or something bigger?

Me: I thought it might have been a rat.

Nell: And what was it?

Me: Jonathan’s socks rolled into a ball.

Nell: Which you realised when you put the light on.

Me: Kev and I couldn’t stop laughing. He said he kept wondering where the mouse had found an apple.

Nell: Absolute nonsense.

Me: We live on a farm, Nell. It could have been a mouse.

Nell: It was a pair of socks.

Me: I know. Sorry.

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