They’ve Arrived!

Me: When the train pulled into the station I was so excited I burst into tears.

Nell: Kev and I knew that was going to happen.

Me: And then the doors opened and there they were and two little voices shouted ‘Granny’ and Jonathan Sky and Fayely Whaley came running down the platform into my arms.

Nell: I might have shed a tear at that point myself. Her name is Faye, by the way.

Me: She has lots of names. Kev calls her Rainbow.

Nell: And Jonathan Sky likes to be called Johnny now and is ‘heavily into’ maps of the world.

Me: Anyway, everyone was so happy and all they wanted to do was get home to you dogs.

Nell: I was on their side.

Me: Harriet and Dave went wild when we arrived.

Nell: They haven’t seen Andre for four years.

Me: Dave wagged his whole body and Harriet made her special happy squeaking noises.

Nell: She sounds like a seagull.

Me: Even Poppy got involved in the general mayhem.

Nell: She started it.

Me: You seem tired today.

Nell: Yesterday was a very long day.

Me: You wanted to come to the station.

Nell: It was very dark.

Me: Actually there was a huge moon and a beautiful dusky pink sunset on the way there.

Nell: I had to sit on a booster seat.

Me: You know perfectly well that you didn’t. It was next to you.

Nell: It was hard.

Me: You should have gone with Kev then.

Nell: There was a booster seat in his car too.

Me: The children need special seats.

Nell: The children weren’t there.

Me: I noticed you went straight to Alice at the station.

Nell: Of course I did. She’s our girl and she always will be.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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