Poppy is Over Excited

Nell: Poppy’s a little over excited this morning.

Me: So am I.

Nell: She challenged Manuel to a pancake tossing competition.

Me: I wouldn’t have thought she had a chance. Manuel’s an octopus.

Nell: She didn’t. There were pancakes flying everywhere.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Fortunately David was on paw to help with the clearing up.

Me: Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. Where’s Poppy now?

Nell: On the sofa playing Bitey Faces with Harriet. I asked her to calm down but she refused.

Me: What about Dave? Is he playing too?

Nell: David is far too full of pancakes to join in so he’s just watching from your chair.

Me: Why is Poppy in such a good mood?

Nell: The family are arriving today. We’re all in a good mood.

Me: I’ve been up since 5am. I couldn’t sleep.

Nell: You will tonight.

Me: Yes. I’m just hoping this dreadful weather changes. All my plans are for outdoors.

Nell: I thought you and Jonathan were going to write a story?

Me: We are. I’ve been thinking of writing some children’s stories for a long time so I thought we could do it together.

Nell: Sounds like an inside activity to me.

Me: You’re right.

Nell: How’s the fundraising going?

Me: We’re at £4,585 which is amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. It really means a lot.

Nell: Don’t forget the competition is also still running. If you donate at least £25 your animal could feature in one of the Conversations with Nell stories and have a part in my movie.

Me: Here’s the link again: https://gofund.me/547e2a25. Please share it if you can.

Nell: We’re going to make this happen, you know.

Me: I hope so.

Nell: I’m not completely sure how, but we will.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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