Nell is Out of Sorts

Me: You’re looking rather world weary this morning.

Nell: I wish Poppy and Harriet would calm down. It’s far too early for Shenanigans.

Me: It’s just their usual morning Rough and Tumble.

Nell: Poppy is ten years old. You’d think she’d have grown out of it by now.

Me: Would you though? It is Poppy. At least it doesn’t involve a sword.

Nell: Of course not. No swords in the bedroom.

Me: I thought she slept with one under her pillow?

Nell: She does. Under her duvet to be accurate, but it’s inside her palace so it’s allowed.

Me: Sandringham is still in my bedroom.

Nell: I wish you wouldn’t call it that. It’s most disrespectful to the King.

Me: I know it’s the name of one of his palaces but Poppy has two and we need to differentiate between the one upstairs and the one downstairs.

Nell: Do we?

Me: Yes. Downstairs is simply Poppy’s Palace and upstairs is Sandringham.

Nell: I suppose it makes sense.

Me: What’s put your nose out of joint?

Nell: My Daily Growl had marmalade all over it.

Me: Dave didn’t mean it. It’s an easy mistake to make. Marmalade sticks to the paws.

Nell: You don’t even know if it was David.

Me: I sort of do.

Nell: Anyway, when I complained Rupert just laughed and told me to ‘chill’.

Me: Knitwear Wolf said ‘chill’?

Nell: Exactly. He never says words like that.

Me: No. He’s more of a ‘calm down, dear’ kind of wolf uncle.

Nell: He’s not my wolf uncle and he never says ‘dear’.

Me: Was he wearing a cardigan?

Nell: Of course he was wearing a cardigan. He’s always wearing a cardigan.

Me: I thought he might have swapped it for a hoodie.

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous.

Me: Sorry.

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