Nell’s Favourite Place

Me: We had a really lovely day yesterday, didn’t we?

Nell: Yes. I must say I enjoyed it enormously.

Me: Kev was determined to get me out and about again as I’ve been feeling rather old and sad recently.

Nell: And he was right. It did you the world of good.

Me: We went to the Cottage Hotel for lunch and I bumped into my writer friend Michael and his wife who are over here from the Netherlands.

Nell: You did.

Me: It was wonderful to actually meet him as we have only ever seen each other on zoom.

Nell: Are they enjoying their visit?

Me: Yes, they’re loving Devon and especially meeting other writers. The weather has been perfect for them too which is an added bonus.

Nell: Do you know it hasn’t rained here since 14th May?

Me: Gosh. That’s a long time.

Nell: Yes, especially with a hosepipe ban.

Me: I hate to say it but we’re in need of some rain.

Nell: We are. Anyway, back to yesterday.

Me: Yes. After lunch we drove to your favourite place by the river.

Nell: I like it there.

Me: And you and Kev climbed down the river bank and waded into the water.

Nell: Kev didn’t go in the water and I wouldn’t call it wading.

Me: You were awfully adventurous. You went right out into the middle. I was quite worried.

Nell: Don’t be silly. I was perfectly safe.

Me: You certainly weren’t going to let your arthritis stop you.

Nell: Of course not.

Me: And then we went to the farm shop and bought some treats.

Nell: Did I see ice cream?

Me: You did.

Nell: Where is it now?

Me: In the freezer for later.

Nell: Sharing is Caring. Don’t forget that.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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