Hattie has a New Home

Nell: We have some good news this morning, don’t we?

Me: Yes. Many of you might remember that my little sister Alex had a sweet curly haired dog called Hattie Button.

Nell: She came to stay with us all when Alex visited us.

Me: She did. Anyway, when Alex died we were all very concerned about Hattie. Alex loved her so much and she loved Alex.

Nell: She did. She spent most of her time on Alex’s lap when she was here.

Me: She found you all a little bit overpowering.

Nell: We were just being friendly.

Me: Anyway, we needed to find her a loving home as soon as we could. She is quite a sensitive girl so we had to find the right fit.

Nell: And the good news is that we did.

Me: Well, Alex’s children did. Her daughter Abi sent me these photos from her new family who say she has settled in really well and loves the companionship of their dog.

Nell: She certainly looks contented.

Me: She does. It’s such a relief. I’ve been very worried about her.

Nell: I know you have.

Me: In fact I don’t mind admitting I had a little cry when I saw the photos from Abi.

Nell: Tears are fine and understandable. And that wasn’t all, we had some more good news, didn’t we?

Me: Yes. I asked you to share the Conversations with Nell page as we were nearing 24,000 followers and the good news is we are now at 24,015 so thank you very much.

Nell: We really appreciate your help so please keep spreading the word.

Me: I hope Alex knows Hattie is safe and happy. She adored that little dog.

Nell: She knows. Trust me. She is watching over you all.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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