Tony Pays a Visit and Poppy is Ready for Liverpool

Me: My pocketful of happiness is seeing Tony and Dave together.

Nell: Those two are such good friends.

Me: Dave couldn’t wait to tell him about the Eurovision party this evening.

Nell: And being Mayor of Kingsbridge, of course.

Me: He isn’t Mayor of Kingsbridge. He just has a new silver chain.

Nell: Tony agrees that David makes an excellent mayor. He couldn’t think of anyone better.

Me: You’re ignoring me again.

Nell: In fact Tony says there should be more mayors like David.

Me: I give up. Has Poppy left for Liverpool yet?

Nell: She’s just checking Malcolm and Manuel have everything ready for the party before she leaves.

Me: I hope she flies safely.

Nell: Poppy’s an experienced helicopter pilot. She knows what she’s doing.

Me: But it’s Saturday, Nell, so it’s going to be busy.

Nell: She’s not driving on the motorway.

Me: No, but there might be lots of helicopters heading towards Liverpool today. Eurovision is a big deal.

Nell: Eurovision isn’t a big deal in lots of countries. In fact some people might not even know what you’re talking about.

Me: You’re right. Our friends in North America are probably extremely perplexed.

Nell: Well, tell them what it is then.

Me: The Eurovision Song Contest is organised by the European Broadcasting Union and featuring participants chosen by EBU member broadcasters representing their countries from across Europe and beyond.

Nell: Beyond?

Me: Australia is taking part too.

Nell: True. It’s televised internationally and is taking place in Liverpool because Ukraine won it last year and they can’t host for obvious reasons.

Me: We came second, which was pretty amazing because we’ve been coming last, or almost last, for years.

Nell: Enough explaining. Poppy’s about to take off and we need to wave goodbye.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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